Depending on the project size and duration as well as how long we have been working together, our billing process is an initial 20% upon proposal agreement, 40% halfway through the project and 40% upon completion and final delivery.

For long-term hourly rate projects or ongoing website maintenance, we bill on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

We accept payment through email transfers, wire transfer, credit cards and PayPal.

Copyright is yours upon receipt of final payment. We do, however, reserve the right to use any work for promotional purposes.

NOTE: Any royalty free or premium themes, plugins, images, video, audio and custom graphics that are purchased and or licensed to be used in your projects are owned by their respective creators.

We will use watermarked assets and flag which items you need to purchase or license in your business name, in which case, your use of copyrighted and licensed content will be based on the agreement you have with each vendor, not with us. Please follow their licensing and terms of use.

It all depends on your project details and what areas you need assistance with. If our schedule allows it, we will do our best to accommodate your timeline.

Additional charges will apply.

We recommend you plan ahead and avoid last minute emergencies.


The cost of each presentation will be based on the amount of work required. Factors that can influence the cost include:

  • Your Expertise: How well do you know your content? Is the content all in your head and you need help turning it to a presentation or do you need help with content research and development?
  • Length: How long do you want your presentation, webinar or training content to be? Is it a 5 minute explainer video or a 3-day training program?
  • Script: Are you comfortable speaking from short notes or do you need help writing the script word for word?
  • Format: Do you need simple to use editable slides that you can work with over time, or do you want fancy sales and marketing videos with enhanced audio and visual effects?
  • Automation: Do you need help automating and integrating your presentation to a hosting service, website or custom designed marketing funnel?

NOTE: We work with a minimum presentation cost of $500. We can deliver a presentation that suits your budget and company size, whether you’re a large corporation, small firm or a start-up. Contact us for a detailed price quote that fits your project needs.

Pitch Deck costs range between $1000 – $10,000+ based on the time spent on business strategy, content development, and slide design.

Please see our full blog post on how to get a Pitch Deck price quote. 

Presentation templates are important because they set the tone for all your presentation files. So you'll need the template to be setup properly with all your brand colors, fonts, images and logos.

Depending on the number of customized slides, the price can range from $500 – $2,000+.

Check out our presentation template pricing page for more details.

The length of your presentation will depend on your objective, your audience and the delivery format. Most webinars and live keynote presentations range from 30 – 90 minutes depending on the event. Check with the event organizers to make sure you are well prepared.

Online training programs and sales videos can be much shorter or divided up into multiple short presentations.

There are many formulas for estimating the number of slides for each presentation. The best formula is to start with one slide to cover each main point you want your audience to remember.

If you are presenting your content online, then you might need more visual enhancements and more slides to keep the viewer engaged. But if you are presenting on stage and in person, you’ll need less slides.

Working on your objective, storyboard and script before designing your slides will help you determine which parts need more slides and visual enhancements.

If your content is based on motivational story-telling, then you will need to rely on your ability to tell that story. You want your audience to focus on you, not your slides.

If your content is more technical, or conveys statistics and numbers, then you will need to convey that more visually.

When you are new to public speaking, you might need more slides to help you relate your message. As you become a more confident and seasoned presenter, you’ll need less.

There are many tools and resources you can use to create and automate your presentations. How you plan to use that presentation, will affect what tools you might choose.

If you are preparing a webinar or keynote speech that you plan to present live on several occasions, then you need a format you can edit yourself. Over time, you’ll need to update and fine-tune your message.

If you plan to share your editable slides with other speakers, training venues and clients, then sticking to PowerPoint or Keynote is best. They are the most common for education, corporate and small business applications.

Online tools and platforms might have more visual templates and fancy animation to work with. But they will also present challenges when you have to make changes or share your files. Exporting features are limited to file formats like HTML, JPEG, PDF or video which very few people know how to edit.

Short explainer videos that are recorded for one time use can be created in any format you like.

Once your presentation is finalized, it can be turned into an automated webinar, masterclass, sales video, tutorial or an explainer video on your site.

Our team will be able to assist and pick options that work with your existing platform.


We can help you with your website content, design and customization using the WordPress platform. Based on your current needs, we can help you with any of the following areas:

Step 1: Identify your objective and set target goals that you want your website to accomplish

Step 2: Create messaging that fits your brand story and speaks to your ideal customer

Step 3: Custom design your website to fit your business objective while making it attractive and easy to navigate for your target audience using premium WordPress themes and custom CSS.

Step 4: Add premium features to your site including search engine optimization, google analytics, automated backups, lead generation, blogs, portfolios, galleries, surveys, forms and eCommerce.

Step 5: Automation with integrated marketing funnels, sales pages and email automation.

There are many website platforms on the market to choose from. They each have their advantages and disadvantages. We can help you choose the right platform based on your objective.

We prefer to work with WordPress as it is an open source platform that is supported by most web hosts. It also has one of the largest plugins and third party extensions on the market, which makes it one of the easier platforms to customize no matter what your business objectives may be. No matter what marketing or email automation software you use, chances are they are designed to work with WordPress.

If you pick a platform like WIX, SqaureSpace or Shopify, you’ll have to build your site all over again from scratch if you plan to change hosting vendors in the future. With WordPress, you can package your site and move it to any host that can fit your growing business needs.

Your web hosting options will vary based on your business size, amount and type of content on your site as well as your business geographic location.

We specialize in WordPress websites and that is why we only recommend SiteGround and WPengine for managed WordPress hosting.  With multiple servers around the world, you can pick options that are close to your geographic location, making your site quick to load for your target audience.

WPengine is slightly more expensive but offers access to premium themes and guaranteed security. If your WordPress website is ever hacked, they will clean it for you. To provide this security, WPengine does not offer any email hosting which means you have to purchase email hosting somewhere else using providers like SiteGround.

SiteGround offers you full access to the CPanel with full control over your domain names, emails, backups and many other features. With more features comes more responsibility. If you are not properly updating your website template and plugins and it gets hacked, you'll have to hire someone to clean it for you… which is what every other web host would expect you to do.

Both platforms provide auto WordPress updates, auto backups, website staging, and speed optimization.

If you have enterprise solutions for your emails, we recommend you get WPengine for your web hosting. But if you need to setup emails for your website and domains, then it makes more sense to get SiteGround so you don't have to pay for two services.

The cost of each website and/or marketing funnel will be based on the amount of work required. Factors that can influence the cost include:

  • Copywriting: Do you have all the content ready or do you need help with content strategy and development?
  • Number of pages: How many pages will your website or marketing funnel be?
  • Custom Sliders & Video: Will your home page require any video or custom animated sliders?
  • Images & Custom Graphics: Do you have any existing logos, photos, infographics, charts and tables or do you need those custom designed?
  • Functionality: What features and tools do you need incorporated. E.g. ecommerce, popups, galleries, blogs, portfolios, multiple languages etc.

NOTE: Marketing funnels start at $1,000 and websites start at $3,000. All prices are in US Dollars.

Contact us for a detailed price quote that fits your project needs.

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