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How to get your Pitch Deck done in three days!

Many books, templates, and training videos can teach you how to create a Pitch Deck. But turning your Pitch Deck training into a strategic presentation file that drives action is challenging. That’s because Pitch Decks are a condensed, visual, and action-oriented version of your business plan. They deliver a compelling [...]

How to get your Pitch Deck done in three days!2022-07-21T05:50:00+00:00

How much does a Pitch Deck cost?

Summary Pitch Deck costs range between $1000 - $10,000+ based on the time spent on business strategy, content development, and slide design. Strategy: Business, marketing, legal and financial expertise typically billed at $100 – $500+ / hour Content: Business storytelling and copywriting skills, usually billed at $50 – $200+ / [...]

How much does a Pitch Deck cost?2022-06-21T02:40:57+00:00

How much does branding cost?

Branding project costs vary drastically. On average, you might get a quote between $5,000 - $50,000+ depending on the branding package. On the extreme ends of the spectrum, you'll find high-profile branding projects that cost millions of dollars. While on the other end of the spectrum, you can also find [...]

How much does branding cost?2022-06-20T06:08:35+00:00

PowerPoint Theme Fonts for Mac Users

PowerPoint continues to be the leading software for presentations. However, since Microsoft Office was initially created for PC users, some features still don’t work on a Mac. One of the features is the ability to create custom Theme Fonts. Custom Theme Fonts are a crucial component of PowerPoint Themes [...]

PowerPoint Theme Fonts for Mac Users2022-06-11T19:59:52+00:00

Get more sales with the right sales team

Your products and services might be exceptional, but unless you have a strong household brand name, chances are they will not sell themselves. So you'll need a sales strategy with clear goals and metrics, plus a strong sales team that can follow through on your plan. Hiring, training, and motivating [...]

Get more sales with the right sales team2022-06-11T19:46:13+00:00

What you need to know about presentation design pricing

Presentation design pricing can vary drastically. Top presentation consulting firms can charge up to $50,0000 per presentation with a minimum of $10,000 for a starter package. In contrast, some overseas design contractors can quote you $10 per slide. That's why one of the most common questions we get is, [...]

What you need to know about presentation design pricing2022-06-11T05:52:53+00:00

How many slides does an average presentation have?

Your presentation deadline is fast approaching, and you have no idea how many slides you need to convey your message. Big dilemma! Should you cram your content on multiple slides with bullet points, facts, and data to help you stay on track, or should you go with the much-coveted [...]

How many slides does an average presentation have?2021-06-06T00:46:28+00:00

How to storyboard your presentation

Try to think of the most memorable presentations you ever attended or watched online. Chances are you remember them because of a story or how the presenter delivered that story. That's why you need to think of your presentations as stories. Facts inform, but stories create memorable experiences. Start [...]

How to storyboard your presentation2021-06-06T00:53:48+00:00
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