Not sure what to add to your Pitch Deck?

Here is a quick guide:

The Pitch Deck framework is similar to a business or project plan. The framework helps you present any idea, product, or service in a logical order that is meaningful to your audience.

Pitch Deck Formula

Below are links to the Pitch Deck video tutorials, which provide an in-depth explanation of the strategy and how to adjust your content based on your audience, business journey, industry, and current results.

Step 1: Define Market Need

Help your audience understand what problem you can solve for them and how you propose to solve it. Your objective here is to help your audience self-identify if what you have is relevant to their needs.

Pitch Deck Purpose Slide

Purpose Overview: Strategy of a compelling Pitch Deck title slide

Executive Summary: What is an executive summary and do you need one for you pitch deck?

Value Statements: What are value statements and how to use them

Brand Personality: How to select a brand personality

Brand Archetype: How to select a brand archetype

Differentiators: How to pick your differentiators and use them in your messaging

Value Statement Frameworks: How to write your value statement

Purpose Statements: What are purpose statements and how to use them

Vision Statement: How to create your vision statement

Mission Statement: How to create your mission statement

Core Values: How to convey your core values

Purpose Summary

Pitch Deck Problem / Opportunity Slide

Problem / Opportunity Story: How to demonstrate a necessity for your ideas and solutions

Problem Slide Framework: How to convey your problem story

Why Now: How to convey the urgency of your solutions

Target Market: How to convey your target market in your problem slide

Investment Opportunity Story: Elements that impact your investment story

Problem/Opportunity Summary

Pitch Deck Solution Slide

Solution Overview: How to reveal your solutions and communicate the benefits

Solution Slide Examples: How to adjust your slide based on your solution category, traction, and audience

Value Proposition Canva: How to narrow down your story and focus on what your customers want


Step 2: Strategy & Validation

Establish credibility and prove you can get the job done. Instead of wasting time wondering what to write or share with your audience, you’ll focus on answering the most common questions and objections they have before they even ask.

Pitch Deck Business Model Slide

Business Model: How to explain the financial feasibility and viability of your ideas or solutions

What to Include: 8 Factors that impact what you include on your business model slide

Business Model Frameworks: How to use the Canva Business Model to pin point gaps in your story

Investors: How to convey your business model to investors and funding agents

Sales/Marketing: How to convey your business model to your market


Pitch Deck Traction Slide

Validation: How to select and share the best data to validate your ideas and solutions

Pitch Deck Competition Slide

Competition Overview: How to address competition in your Pitch Deck story

Competitive Analysis: How to conduct a competitive analysis to identify your strength and weaknesses

Competitive Advantage: How to communicate your competitive advantage

Competitive Approach: How to communicate your competitive approach in an evolving market


Pitch Deck Strategy Slide

Strategy Overview: How to address strategy in your Pitch Deck story

Business Plan Strategy: How to share your strategy with investors and other funding agents

Go-To-Market Strategy: Explain how you plan to introduce your new solution to a new audience

Common Go-To-Market Strategies: How you can model common strategies

Growth Strategy: How to show your audience that you have a strategy to scale and grow


Pitch Deck Teams Slide

Teams / About Us: How to build more credibility by explaining your team structure and dynamics

Step 3: The Ask

Guide your audience to a clear call to action. Before you ask people to join you on your project or business journey, you need to let them know where you are going. This is where you share your goals and invite your audience to take the next step.

Pitch Deck Goals & Financial Projections Slide

Goals: How to share your project, solutions or company goals with your audience

Pitch Deck Call To Action Slide

Call to Action: How to guide your audience to take the next steps