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How much does a Pitch Deck cost?

Summary On average, businesses spend between $2,000 - $4,000 for a starter investor pitch deck or sales presentation. Complex pitch decks with 50+ slides can be higher. Elements that impact the cost include: Strategy: Business planning, brand strategy, storyboards, legal, financial, and industry expertise Content: Sales copy, content research and [...]

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Pitch Deck Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pitch Deck? A Pitch Deck is a short presentation file that provides an overview of your business ideas and solutions. It is a visual, condensed, and action-oriented version of a business or project plan designed to drive action. That action can be anything: Book client or investor [...]

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Pitch Deck Terminology

Here is a list of some of the terminology used in our client's Pitch Decks, Business, and Marketing Plans presented alphabetically. Strategy Acqui-hire: When you acquire a company for its people and talent instead of its tangible assets. Acqui-hire saves you time from building a team from scratch. Business Accelerator: [...]

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Get your Pitch Deck done in three days!

Join us at the Pitch Deck Workshop, where you can create the most important presentation file for your business. Pitch Decks are one of the most effective tools to present your ideas, products, and services. Despite the numerous articles, blogs, podcasts, books, and videos on the topic, many business, sales, [...]

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