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There are thousands of ready-made presentation templates that you can buy…

But, if you already bought one, then you know why you are on this page looking for other solutions.

Ready-made templates are not customized for your brand, content, or team's needs. Commercial templates still require a presentation design pro to customize the colors, fonts, infographics, images, and slide layouts to fit your brand and presentation needs.

Many of the commercial templates use manual formatting instead of the template features, making them very challenging for the average user. That's why a customized template with your brand, your teams, and your content in mind will be a much better fit.

Empower your teams with intuitive presentation templates that have the guidance they need.

  • Custom colors & fonts to fit your brand
  • Custom text and image slide layouts to suit your sales, marketing, and training presentation needs

  • Infographics to explain your solutions, products, or services

  • Product or services slides to present your offers

  • Editable cover slide and section break options for various applications

  • Customized table and chart layouts
  • Commonly used icons to fit your brand
  • Instructional slides to explain how to use and modify the template
  • Royalty-Free images to fit your brand story & instructions on where to find more images
  • Ensure all slides, diagrams and icons are easy to use and edit


Done With You Presentation Templates

Get a customized presentation template to fit your brand and organization's needs. Our templates include your brand style guide, usage tips, and some of your most commonly used slide layouts and content.


Work together to define your presentation template objective and lock down your brand visual look, including colors, fonts, and overall style.


Create core slides like the cover, section breaks, and various text and image layouts to get a general look and feel using a brand style guide for content testing.


Populate featured slides for products or services that can work for sales, marketing, training, or investor presentations.


Enhance communication with infographics that explains your organization's key offerings and solutions.


Test drive the template within your organization and make adjustments based on feedback.


The best presentation software is the one that you and your teams can edit and update.

While some organizations use Keynote or Google Slides, PowerPoint remains the universal file format for presentation and the most commonly used for corporate, government, and educational organizations that save files on their private servers and/or use other Microsoft products like Excel and Word.

PowerPoint is the only presentation tool that allows you to import and edit SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) needed for customized infographics and diagrams.

  • 85% of our clients choose PowerPoint
  • 10% choose Keynote
  • 4% choose Google Slides
  • 1% started asking for Canva

Google Slides and other online presentation tools like Canva have limited features but can still work for personal projects, new startups, or small organizations.

Yes, all templates, icons and infographics will be setup in a way that you can edit in the presentation.

Need help with your PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides presentations?

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