Presentation design pricing can vary drastically. Top presentation consulting firms can charge up to $50,0000 per presentation with a minimum of $10,000 for a starter package. In contrast, some overseas design contractors can quote you $10 per slide.

That's why one of the most common questions we get is, “How much do you charge for presentations?”

The simple answer is there is no such thing as one size fits all.

Presentations require various skill sets, including strategy, content, and design, typically offered at different price points.

While thousands of designers can jazz up your slides with images, charts, icons, and animations, there are very few presentation experts who can help you clarify your message and create a presentation that SELLS!

After all, your presentation's goal is to sell your ideas, solutions, products, or services. Selling is not an easy task, especially when you try to convince investors to pull out their checkbooks and invest in you with no guarantee that they can ever get their money back.

That's why at Magnas Media, we use “Smart Pricing.”

Smart pricing gives you a range of hourly rates based on the area of expertise and the amount of work required.

Factors that can influence the cost include:

  • Your Expertise: How well do you know your subject matter? Is the content all in your head, and you need help turning it into a presentation, or do you need help with content strategy, research, and development?
  • Length: How long do you want your presentation, webinar, or training content to be? Is it a standard 15-slide pitch deck, 50-slide sales presentation, 150-slide webinar, or a 3,000-slide online course?
  • Script: Are you comfortable speaking from short notes, or do you need help writing scripts and slide notes word for word?
  • Format: Do you need simple-to-use editable slides that you can work with over time, or do you want advanced infographics and visual effects?
  • Branding: Do you have an existing visual brand, style guide, and presentation template, or do we need to create a new brand?
  • Design Assets: Do you have an existing product and stock photos, or do you need help creating or buying new assets?

Fixed Price vs. Hourly Rate

We can give you a fixed-price project quote or bill by the hour based on your needs.

Fixed price quotes are paid in three phases: 20% upon proposal agreement, 40% halfway through the project, and 40% upon completion and final delivery.

Hourly rates are more flexible and give you more control. You can decide what you need help with and when based on your budget.

Sales, marketing, and investor presentations are usually living documents. They require ongoing research, updates, and fine-tuning. That's why most of our clients prefer to engage us on hourly rate projects knowing that they can reach out at any time for small changes without being charged minimum project fees.

We typically assess the amount of work and give a time and hourly rate estimate for each project milestone.

Beware of designers that quote by the hour but don't give you a time estimate. Junior designers and presentation newbies might offer you lower pricing, but they will generally take longer to complete the project.


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