What you need to know about presentation design pricing

Presentation design pricing can vary. That's why one of the most common questions is, “How much do you charge per slide or for an X number of slides?”

The simple answer is we don't charge by the slide. That's because some slides take 5 minutes to design, and some take hours.

Complex slides like business models, industry solutions, implementation strategies, and processes can require multiple iterations and variations for different audiences, industries, and use cases.

That is why at Magnas Media, we offer three pricing options:

1. Fixed Price

Fixed price quotes work well for new clients with a clear presentation strategy and content. We can view your current files and provide a specified time and cost estimate.

Factors that influence fixed-priced project costs include:


  • Do you have a clear presentation strategy and storyboard, or do you need help fine-tuning your story?
  • 50% of our clients usually need assistance with presentation storyboards, not just design.


  • Is the content ready, or do you need help with content research and development?
  • 80% of our clients generally need help with content development or editing.


  • Do you have an existing visual brand and style guide, or do you need help creating a brand?
  • 60% of our clients have existing brands. 40% need help to develop a brand.


  • Do you have an existing presentation template or need help creating a professional, editable template that fits your brand?
  • 80% of our clients need new or improved templates.

Design Assets:

  • Do you have existing product images and stock photos, or do you need help creating or buying new assets?
  • 90% of our clients need help with stock and custom product images.

2. Milestone Billing

Milestones work best for new clients with unspecified needs. The presentation outline is still evolving, with no set content or design direction.

We can create milestones to address your presentation development one step at a time. Usually, we start with branding, template setup, and storyboarding. Then we add milestones to address your evolving content and design needs.

3. Hourly Rate Pricing

Sales, marketing, and investor presentations are usually living documents. They require ongoing research, updates, and fine-tuning. That's why many of our corporate clients prefer to engage us on hourly rate projects.

They like to know they can reach out anytime for small changes without being charged minimum project fees.

Long-term clients get hourly rate discounts as we are already familiar with their strategy, content, and design process.

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