PowerPoint continues to be the leading software for presentations. However, since Microsoft Office was initially created for PC users, some features still don’t work on a Mac. One of the features is the ability to create custom Theme Fonts.

Custom Theme Fonts are a crucial component of PowerPoint Themes and Templates. The fact that Mac users still cannot create them is a pain, especially as a large segment of the graphic design community uses a Mac.

This video will teach you how to create custom theme fonts using XML files.

The process is straightforward once you understand the logic behind XML files and how PowerPoint uses them.

Table of Content:

  • 2:54 Theme Fonts File Format
  • 5:27 XML file format diagnosis
  • 8:23 How to choose the right font family
  • 13:30 How to locate Theme Font Folder
  • 15:25 How to edit Theme Font XML Files

Download Sample XML Files

The XML file will look something like the image below.

PowerPoint Fonts for Mac Users

NOTE: You'll need to edit the content in an HTML editor. Some text editors convert the quotation mark “” and the code might not work properly.

Dealing with International Fonts

For additional details on dealing with international languages, check out John’s article at Brand Wares.

PowerPoint Template Masterclass

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