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So, Why A Pitch Deck?

Most people don’t care about your ideas, products, or services. They want to know what you can do FOR them. They need to know quickly if what you have is worth their time and money.

Using the proven Pitch Deck framework developed by the investment industry, you can share your ideas, products, and services quickly and confidently.

The Pitch Deck framework is similar to a business or project plan. It helps you present any idea, product, or service in a logical order that is meaningful to your audience.

Pitch Deck Framework

Part one helps you explain the need for your idea or solutions.

You’ll help your audience understand what problem you can solve for them and how you propose to solve it. Your objective here is to help your audience self-identify if what you have is relevant to their needs.

Part two helps validate your solution, explain your implementation strategy, and prove that you can get the job done. This is your chance to establish credibility.

Instead of wasting time wondering what to write or share with your audience, you’ll focus on answering the most common questions and objections they have before they even ask.

Part three helps explain your goals and guide your audience to a clear call to action.

Before you ask people to join you on your project or business journey, you need to let them know where you are going. This is where you share your goals and invite your audience to take the next step.

Why Should Your Audience Care?

While your Pitch Deck story might make sense to you, it can be very vague and confusing for a new audience unfamiliar with your ideas or solutions. So you’ll need to find ways to simplify your message and create slides that are easy to repurpose for different audiences, industries, and use cases. Your Pitch Deck needs to convey your ideas and solutions to three different audiences, not one.

Investor Communication

1. Investor Communication

Messaging to fund or finance your project, including budget approval or funding from your leadership team, investors, lending institutions, government, or non-profit organizations.

Investors and funding agents want to know if you are credible and if your solutions can deliver a return on investment.

Market Communication

2. Market Communication

Messaging for potential clients, customers, affiliates, sponsors, vendors, and suppliers.

Your market wants to know if your solutions are worth their time and money.

Investor Communication

2. Internal Communication

Messaging for full-time or part-time partners, employees, or contractors.

Your teams want to know your vision and goals so they can help you bring your vision into reality.

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Pitch Decks require different skill sets, including business and brand strategy, content development, and presentation design.

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