Many books, templates, and training videos can teach you how to create a Pitch Deck. But turning your Pitch Deck training into a strategic presentation file that drives action is challenging.

That’s because Pitch Decks are a condensed, visual, and action-oriented version of your business plan. They deliver a compelling and logical brand story, with supporting content and metrics, designed in a scannable and visually appealing presentation file.

There are many templates and presentation software tools to get you started. But if you have already tried them, you know they are not enough.

Creating a Pitch Deck requires different skills, including business, legal, and financial expertise, as well as sales and marketing strategy. Pitch Decks also require content research and development, visual branding, and data visualization.

Even seasoned entrepreneurs and executive leaders with years of business experience find it challenging to complete all the slides on their own. That's why many businesses spend thousands of dollars to get their Pitch Deck strategy, content, and design right.

So, if you find starting or completing your Pitch Deck challenging, you are not alone.

Introducing the done with you Pitch Deck Workshop

Starting in November 2022, we are introducing a live 3-day interactive workshop where you can focus and get your Pitch Deck done. You’ll learn, implement, and get immediate feedback on your Pitch Deck strategy, content, and design in an intimate and supportive setting.

You’ll get to identify, refine, and articulate your brand story, target market, value proposition, revenue model, key metrics, and marketing and sales strategy.

Plus, you’ll get live feedback and support from my team, me, and other workshop attendees.

Day 1: Pitch Deck Overview & Brand Strategy

On day one, you’ll get to focus on your business strategy, target market, and Pitch Deck storyboard. You’ll get more clarity on who you can help, how you can help them, and how to get them to pay you for your solutions.

Day 2: Content Strategy & Key Messages

On day two, you’ll learn how to create key messages and articulate your strategy to your target audience. You’ll also learn to select the right metrics to track and communicate your progress.

Day 3: Design Strategy & Data Visualization

Pitch Decks are living documents. You’ll need a file format that you can use, edit and update regularly. On day three, you’ll get to translate your content into functional presentation slides.

PLUS, a celebration dinner

On Sunday night, you get to celebrate your hard work. Join the team for a celebration dinner at a top Vancouver restaurant, where you can socialize and practice telling your Pitch Deck story and key messages in a social setting.

AND follow-up call

Business, financial, and investment laws vary based on location. You might need to consult with local professionals familiar with your business jurisdiction before finalizing your Pitch Deck. That’s why you’ll get a bonus 60-minute follow-up call with me two weeks after the workshop to review your new findings and get feedback on how to add them to your Pitch Deck.

Join us at the next Pitch Deck Workshop!

If you are ready to get your Pitch Deck done and wish you had an executive team that can help you with strategy, content, and design, then this workshop is for you.

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