Join us at the Pitch Deck Workshop, where you can create the most important presentation file for your business.

Pitch Decks are one of the most effective tools to present your ideas, products, and services.

Despite the numerous articles, blogs, podcasts, books, and videos on the topic, many business, sales, and project leaders either don’t have a Pitch Deck or are struggling to create one.

Even executive leaders and savvy entrepreneurs with years of industry experience find it challenging to complete all the slides on their own.

Here are the common challenges:

Challenge #1: Limited Examples

Just like business or project plans, Pitch Decks are usually confidential files. So very few people will share their slides for educational purposes. They don't want others to copy their ideas and plans.

That’s why many people study the rare Pitch Deck success stories that make it into the spotlight.

While studying public Pitch Decks can help, no two businesses are alike. So, the only way to know if your Pitch Deck is working is to create one, get professional feedback and test it on different audiences.

Most new and small businesses don’t have access to directors and advisors. So they get limited feedback and support.

Challenge #2: Different Objectives

Many Pitch Deck gurus promote variations of the Pitch Deck outline, making it confusing for newbies to determine what presentation format to follow.

However, if you examine all the suggestions, you’ll find that they all follow a similar presentation outline but differ slightly based on your industry and business objectives.

We studied them all and created a simplified framework that you can model.

Pitch Deck Workshop Framework

Challenge #3: Skills

Pitch Decks require different skill sets, including strategy, content, and design.

Strategy: Your Pitch Deck strategy relates to your objective, business or project plan, implementation strategy, key metrics, and goals.

Content: Pitch Deck content is usually short and easy to scan. It communicates the problem you want to solve and how you plan to solve it.

Design: Pitch Deck design is usually clean and scannable, using visuals that match your brand style guide.

You’ll rarely find one person that knows all three. That’s why Pitch Decks usually require a team effort.

Challenge #4: Audience Allocation

Another challenge is audience allocation. That’s because your Pitch Deck needs to convey your ideas and solutions to three different audiences, not one.

Investor Communication: Includes messaging to fund or finance your project, including budget approval or funding from your leadership team, investors, lending institutions, government, or non-profit organizations.

Market Communication: Includes messaging for potential clients, customers, affiliates, sponsors, vendors, and suppliers.

Internal Communication: Includes messaging for full-time or part-time partners, employees, or contractors.

Some people get stuck in the investor conversation. But the reality is that investors will not be interested in your solutions unless they know you are filling a market need and have a team to help you implement your solutions.

Challenge #5: Audience Temperature

Another challenge is creating variations for different audience temperatures. Introductory Pitch Decks are usually between 5 – 15 slides. Your objective is to get your audience’s attention and book a meeting.

During the subsequent meetings and due diligence phase, you can share extended versions of your Pitch Deck and supporting content to help you close the sale. The more money you need from your audience, the more details you’ll have to provide.

Introducing the “done with you” Pitch Deck Workshop!

If you are struggling to create your Pitch Deck, you are not alone.

After working on hundreds of Pitch Decks and helping our clients generate over $500 million in funding and sales, we got hands-on experience creating effective Pitch Decks that build instant brand credibility and drive action.

We also witnessed firsthand how challenging it is for many of our clients to present their ideas, products, and services.

That’s why we created the Pitch Deck Workshop.

To help business, sales, and project leaders like yourself:

  • Define the market need for your ideas and solutions
  • Refine your Pitch Deck story
  • Present your solutions to your target audience in a meaningful way

Get your Pitch Deck done!

Starting in November 2022, we are introducing a 3-day implementation workshop where you can focus and get your Pitch Deck done.

Your objective is to create your Master Pitch Deck and fill out all the slides based on the proven pitch deck outline. Once you have your master Pitch Deck, you can export variations to fit different audiences, industries, and use cases.

You don’t need to be a writer or designer, but you need to know the strategy behind Pitch Decks to make ongoing changes and edits.

At the Pitch Deck Workshop, you’ll implement on location and get immediate feedback on your Pitch Deck strategy, content, and design in an intimate and supportive setting.

It’s like having an advisory board giving you on-demand support.

What to expect at the Pitch Deck Workshop

DAY ONE: Target Audience & Brand Story Strategy

On day one, you’ll get to:

  • Clarify and communicate the market need for your ideas and solutions
  • Create your problem/ opportunity story
  • Map out your solutions

DAY TWO: Business or Project Plan

On day two, you'll get to:

  • Explain and validate your business or project implementation plan
  • Provide supporting content to demonstrate you can get the job done
  • Guide your audience to a clear call to action

DAY THREE: Key Messages & Data Visualization

On day three, you’ll translate your plan into powerful presentation slides that drive action. You’ll get to:

  • Enhance your Pitch Deck using data visualization and content frameworks
  • Turn your Pitch Deck into a template and style guide

Ready to get your Pitch Deck done?

If you are ready to get your Pitch Deck done and wish you had an executive team to help you with strategy, content, and design, then this Workshop is for you.

Check out the event page to view the full schedule at: