Crafting an Effective Team Slide

Most solutions, projects, or businesses require a team. You'll rarely find one person who can deliver the entire solution. That's why you need to include a slide to show your team.

Know Your Audience

Tailoring your teams slide based on the audience is crucial. While investors may seek in-depth insights into the leadership team, prospective clients may prioritize knowing who will deliver the service or product.

Investor Communication

Investors, for instance, are keen to learn about the founders, advisors, and strategic partners driving the project. They want assurance that the leadership team possesses the requisite experience and capabilities to steer the venture toward success.  That is why some new startups position the team slide first. They want to demonstrate that they have a strong team that has done this before.

Market & Internal Communication

Buyers, partners, vendors, and affiliates will need to know who to contact for various job functions.

Key Considerations for Team Structure

Effective team dynamics are pivotal for project success. The first step in this process is identifying the necessary roles to deliver value.

Typically, teams encompass three tiers: leadership, management, and operations. Leadership teams make core decisions, while management ensures the realization of the project vision. Operations teams handle the execution aspects.

When presenting your team in a pitch deck, aim to showcase a cohesive unit with members who complement each other's strengths.


  • Explain your team structure and show key players based on audience.
  • Make a list of leadership gaps in your company and plan how you can fill them.
  • Consult a business or human resources lawyer to ensure you have solid legal agreements that protect your intellectual property and provide a clear structure for permanent and casual team members. This step is especially critical if you have a proprietary solution that has the potential to be patented.

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