Pitch Deck costs range between $1000 – $10,000+ based on the time spent on business strategy, content development, and slide design.

  • Strategy: Business, marketing, legal and financial expertise typically billed at $100 – $500+ / hour
  • Content: Business storytelling and copywriting skills, usually billed at $50 – $200+ / hour
  • Design: Creative direction, template setup, data visualization, and slide design typically billed between $20 – $150+ / hour

Wondering how much a Pitch Deck will cost you?

You are not alone.

More businesses and startups opt for the flexible Pitch Deck format instead of working on an extended 20 – 100-page detailed business plan that few people get to see.

That's because a Pitch Deck is a condensed and more functional version of your business plan, reduced to the “need to know” facts and numbers that drive action.

That action can be anything: raise funds from investors, get a bank loan, get more clients, sell more products, or even land yourself a fancy new job.

Since your Pitch Deck is in a visual slide format that is easy to scan, you can easily repurpose it into sales presentations, business proposals, and marketing webinars.

Your Pitch Deck will serve as your foundation for future forms of communication like your website, advertising, and video scripts.

You can also use your Pitch Deck as a messaging guide within your organization to help your teams understand your solutions and how to represent your brand in the marketplace.

How to create a Pitch Deck cost estimate

While Pitch Decks are easier to navigate and repurpose, they require more strategic storytelling, content selection, and slick design. So, they need various skill sets, including business strategy, content development, and design, typically offered at different price points.

After all, your presentation's goal is to sell your ideas, solutions, products, or services. Selling is complex, especially when you try to convince investors to pull out their checkbooks and invest in you without guaranteeing they can get their money back.

That's why some consulting firms can charge up to $50,0000 per Pitch Deck with a minimum of $10,000 for a starter package. In contrast, some overseas design contractors can quote you $10 per slide.

The price difference will depend on what part of the process they are helping with and their industry reputation and expertise.

So, before you ask for a price quote, get clear on what part of the process you can do yourself and what roles you want to outsource.

Pitch Deck Strategy Price Quote

Like a business plan, your Pitch Deck strategy will need to address your company and business description, products and services, market analysis, marketing plan, sales plan, legal issues, financial metrics, and projections, to name a few.

As a business owner or executive leader, you must know your numbers, business model, and pricing and determine at what point your business can break even and at what point you can be profitable.

That's why most presentation designers and communication agencies offer design and writing services. Very few dare to address your business plan and brand strategy. It is not their job to tell you how to make money and stay profitable.

If you are raising funds from investors, you'll need your story to align with your market research, key metrics, and financial projections.

Check the list below and identify what you can do yourself first, then find someone that can help research, validate, and create the rest. Items that you cannot fill out on your own will require business, legal, financial, and marketing experts who typically charge between $100 – $500+ an hour.


What problem is your product or service solving? How urgent is this problem? The problem slide will validate to investors if your idea is worth funding. It also helps potential clients or customers identify if your offer is worth their time and money.

Target Market / Market Size

Knowing your market size and target demographic can help you make better marketing decisions and sales predictions. If you are raising funds from investors, your market slides will show if your solutions are in high demand and if your business is investable.

If you use your pitch deck to promote your products and services, your target market data can help you create better messaging and content that appeals to your target demographic.


What is your proposed solution? What are the features and benefits of your solution, and how do they address the problem?


Who is currently offering a similar solution on the market? Knowing your competition can help you identify and fill gaps in the marketplace.

Competitive Advantage

What makes your solution better than the competition? You need to know your competition well, and what they offer so you can state why your solutions are better.


What actions, feedback, and results have you received so far to show that you and your company have the better solution and can be trusted to get the job done?

Business Model

How will your business make money? How many sources of income? Do you have recurring income like licensing fees or subscriptions? Which source of income is more sustainable? Are you selling to businesses or consumers? B2B, B2C, or D2C? You need this slide to show investors how they can recoup their investment.

You also need this slide to show how clients can do business with you. Do you charge per project by the hour, or do you have membership fees?

Financial Metrics and Forecasts

Do you have detailed financial records of your revenues and expenses? Can you make economic forecasts for when your company can break even and when it can be profitable?


How do you plan to acquire your first few customers/buyers? Do you have a marketing strategy to identify the best geographic locations, sales channels, or demographics that are more likely to buy first? What are your customer acquisition cost and lifetime value of the customer?


Who are your business partners, strategic advisors, and team members that can help you deliver on your promises?

Use of Funds

How do you plan to use the money to grow your business if you get funding or a loan?

Call to Action

What do you want your audience to do next?

Pitch Deck Messaging Price Quote

Once your business strategy is in place, you can start working on your messaging. That's where you can hire a marketing communication expert or copywriter to help you turn your data into stories that sell.

Messaging in a Pitch Deck is usually:

  • Concise: Maximum three messages per slide; each statement is only 1-3 sentences that are short and easy to understand.
  • Strategic: Focus on the value to the audience and what's in it for them.
  • Compelling: Meaningful information designed to drive action.

Your Pitch Deck needs to flow like a continuous story starting with an engaging problem story and how you plan to solve it.

Depending on your business, you might also need one or all of the following:

  • Unique Value Proposition / Unique Selling Proposition Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Vision Statement
  • Values Statement
  • Tagline
  • Key Message
  • Team biographies

Find a copywriter familiar with your industry language and terminology. They can help you deliver a clear story and brand messaging that resonates with your audience.

Expect to pay between $50 – $200+ an hour for quality copywriters.

Pitch Deck Design Price Quote

Design is the part that most people notice first. Yet many people leave design till the end, thinking they must work on their strategy and messaging first.

Try to involve your designer early on. Many items like your business model, products, and services are easier to understand when you present them visually.

While your copywriter might be struggling to come up with short and catchy descriptions, a simple infographic or diagram might tell a better and faster story.

Junior designers usually charge less but expect you to provide them with the brand style guide, creative direction, and final messaging. They don't have the business experience to make these decisions for you.

Expect to pay between $15 – $40+ / hour for a junior designer.

If you still don't have a brand style guide or presentation template and need a Pitch Deck with advanced data visualization, infographics, diagrams, and 3Models, hire a creative director. A creative director will provide guidance, while a junior designer will expect you to tell them what to do.

Expect to pay between $65 – $150+ / hour for a creative director.

How much should you spend on your Pitch Deck?

How much you spend on your Pitch Deck depends on your core objective and the type of help you need.

You can get your Pitch Deck done on a tight budget if you have the expertise to hire and guide a designer and copywriter.

Start by educating yourself on the core components of a Pitch Deck, messaging style, and design process so you can assess what parts you can complete and what aspects require industry experts.

Since your Pitch Deck is a living document, it pays to invest some time learning the process so you can edit and update the file over time. It also pays to get a second opinion from industry experts. Aim to fill in as many details as you can, and then you can hire industry experts to fill in the gaps.


Send us your pitch deck, and we can provide you with a review, suggestions, and a price quote.