But many of your potential clients have no idea how you can help them.

Unless your target audience and potential clients are 100% clear on what problem you can solve for them, why they need to solve it now, and why they should pick you to solve it, they are not likely to do business with you.

We help you communicate and magnify your message so you can attract the right audience and grow your business, all custom-designed to fit your brand and delivery system for in-person, print, web, and digital media applications.


Most people don't care about your skills, products, or services. They want to know what you can do for them. Whether you are working on a pitch deck to raise funds, creating a website to generate new leads, or preparing your sales presentation to close more deals, you'll need to think of your audience first.

Communication design allows you to articulate the problem your target audience is facing by using visual stories, data, and supporting content. A strong message is nothing without the appropriate delivery system. A message informs, but the design is the force that attracts first and then delivers the message.

We'll help you create content based on stories that allow your target audience to understand what problem you can solve for them. Using psychological data and years of testing, we'll design and lay out your content in an easy-to-navigate format and guide your audience to follow your call to action.


Creating, designing, and automating your marketing, sales, and training content is time-consuming, and you have better things to do… like running your business.

We provide a 5 step solution that helps you communicate your value, so you can reach the right audience, attract your ideal clients and grow your business.


Define your objective and create a message that addresses a critical problem your target audience is facing.


Create content based on stories that allow your target audience and ideal clients to understand what problem you can solve for them.


Highlight key points and help your audience focus by using the right images, colors, fonts, video, audio and custom graphics.


Test and fine-tune your delivery process to fit your target audience, market needs and industry standards.


Automate your message and reach your audience at their convenience with webinars, sales funnels, and online training programs.



Flexible Workflow

Outsourcing can be amazing if you know how to hire the right contractors and have the skills, knowledge and patience to explain to them what you need. We can help you by managing your projects and outsourcing needs.

Copyright Release

Copyrights and trademarks are an important part of some business applications. But in 9 out of 10 cases, they are only used by marketing agencies to hold you hostage. We believe you should own your work and have the flexibility to edit it yourself.

Smart Pricing

Unless you are a Fortune 500 company and have hundreds of millions of dollars for your annual marketing budget, there is no need to pay minimum monthly agency fees. We can provide you with agency quality work for freelance pricing.


“Highly recommend. Adhered to all schedules, project came out well above expectations. Design Work A+ Assisted in strategy and copy, was able to see the forest from the trees.”
A. Michales, Hrev Group

“Over the past few years, Hwayda Kater has skillfully evolved Sierra Systems’ brand image. Whether it was for advertising, brochures, events or conferences, Hwayda successfully created powerful pieces that communicated our professional style. We believe our brand’s visual representation has never looked better, and has never been better aligned with our core strategy and values.”

A. Niosi, Sierra Systems

“Hwayda is absolutely terrific to work with. She brings a unique creative flair balanced with a solid understanding of the corporate brand personality, and target market dynamics… She has helped ACL create a leadership persona that opens doors and builds trust.”

D. Brownridge, ACL

“Hwayda created a clever design for a very complex software project, on time and on budget. She is smart, intuitive and professional. I trusted her instincts and she more than delivered.”

R. Scott, Treatment
“Creating a pitch deck for a new proprietary technology solution with multiple use cases and revenue streams was challenging. Hwayda helped us simplify our story and construct a focused pitch deck that conveyed our integrated value proposition. She also helped us with content research, industry terminology, and slide design. The final product was a customized, modern, and professional pitch deck that helped us get more funding and find new industry partners.”
A. Panknin, Pixtunes

“Hwayda does great work and is an absolute pleasure to work with. One of the first outside consultants I have worked with who can take raw materials and turn it into a high-end, million dollar design. A true a professional and highly recommended.”

N. Palmer, BPM

“Excellent experience. Always adheres to deadlines, communicates clearly and concisely, and does beautiful work. Highly recommended.”

J. Weis, Labs

“Brilliant design work, easy to work with and understands the brief bringing simplicity and sophistication to the document.”

A. Fenton, Fenton Financial Group

“Hwayda consistently delivered creative that made our marketing campaigns stand out from the rest. She is a wonderful collaborator with a broad range of skills spanning graphic design and audio/visual production. She’s a true professional and a pleasure to work with!”

M. Versteeg, Cardinal Path

“Hwayda listened carefully to our marketing and corporate positioning strategies and made valuable suggestions and recommendations…If you are looking for an outstanding graphic design person and someone who can grasp your design issues and not dominate your philosophy or personality, give Hwayda a call.”

E. Cooke, Cornerstone International Community College

“Hwayda has offered creative direction for the branding and implementation of my e-commerce website that has allowed me to setup my site more quickly and with a high level of quality… I would highly recommend her services for anyone who is looking for branding or e-marketing guidance.”

P. Jones, Radiant

Hwayda’s expertise was a welcome addition to the marketing team. Her marketing, technical, design and content development skills helped shaped many of the key marketing assets and training programs. Creating detailed keynote, web and email templates also helped systemize many of the repetitive tasks and create a more consistent visual brand.

D. Gilks, Electrum Consulting


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